Penomet Pump vs. Penile Implant

There are many possible solutions to the problem of erectile dysfunction. One of the least invasive is the penis pump. Pumps can help men with mild to moderate impotence.

A particularly popular brand of pump is called Penomet. What is Penomet and how does it work?

The Penomet pump is simply a plastic cylinder into which you place your penis. A suction is created and the pressure is slowly increased. This suction then enlarges your penis.


One of the problems of penis pumps is that they can cause damage to the penis if the pressure of the suction is too great. The Penomet pump is safe to use because it comes with special gaiters that allow the user to start at a very low pressure and gradually, over a period of weeks, increase the pressure as the penis gets stronger.

The Penomet pump is also unique in that it uses water instead of air to create the suction. Water creates a more uniform pressure around the penis so that the increase in size is proportional.

If used properly, the Penomet pump can enlarge the penis permanently. And because it helps blood flow into the penis, it can help with any kind of impotence issues a man might be dealing with.

The Penomet pump is a fairly inexpensive and simple device to use. However, it might not help a man with moderate to severe erectile dysfunction. In that case, a penile implant might be necessary to overcome any problem with impotence.

penomet gaiters

If other treatments for impotence, such as pharmaceutical pills, fail or are unsatisfactory, implantation of a penile prosthesis is an alternative. Improvements in design have brought greater satisfaction, and more and more men are successfully adapting to life with a penile prosthesis.

Though studies indicate that more prostheses are implanted in men in their sixties than in any other age group, they’re used increasingly to treat organic impotence in men of all ages. To care for these patients, you’ll need to know how the devices work and what nursing interventions surgical implantation requires.

There are two types of penile prostheses, inflatable and semi-rigid. Both replace the natural erectile tissue in the corpora cavernosa with silicon cylinders.

In an inflatable device, the cylinders are hollow. To produce an erection, a man activates a pump in the scrotum or in the penis itself, causing the cylinders to fill up with saline from a reservoir. They are later drained and the penis returns to its flaccid state.

With semi-rigid prostheses, the penis is always firm. One such device uses solid silicon cylinders. Though there’s no mechanism to malfunction, there is the difficulty of concealing a constant erection.

Penile implant

A newer semi-rigid model is made of flexible cylinders that can be bent into different positions. Drawings of inflatable and semi-rigid devices appear on the following pages.

Surgery to implant the prosthesis is done under local or general anesthesia, through a penile, suprapubic, or scrotal incision. Site selection depends on scarring from previous surgery, coexisting conditions that require simultaneous correction, such as hernia or hydrocele, and the preference of the surgeon.

The surgery itself isn’t difficult. But the risk of infection, which could necessitate removal of the prosthesis and result in scarring, calls for taking extra precautions.

Your attitude toward the patient will be as important a nursing intervention as any of the clinical ones. Talk to him without embarrassment. Make sure to remind him that the implant will neither increase nor decrease his sex drive. Nor will it affect the sensitivity of his penis or his ability to reach orgasm and ejaculate.

According to experts, most males have had some counseling before deciding on the penile prosthesis. If your patient hasn’t, urge him to see a sex therapist.

That’s important, since these devices are most successful when a man and his partner are comfortable with the prosthesis. Otherwise, the couple may not resume sexual activity even though the operation itself was a success.

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In conclusion, men who suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction should try a penis pump like Penomet. Penomet is an award-winning product and is probably the safest and most effective penis pump available today. The makers of Penomet offer a money-back guarantee so if the user isn’t satisfied he can simply get a full refund.

The Penomet pump might not work for men who suffer from moderate to severe erectile dysfunction. In this case a more drastic solution might be the answer, such as a penile implant. My advice is to try the Penomet pump before embarking on the much more expensive and invasive implant solution.