Semenax is the New Anti-Impotency Pill

Enough jokes, already. No more cracks about the Pfizer riser. Semenax, the anti-impotency pill, is a serious topic – just about the biggest story around.

Semenax is an all-natural male enhancement pill that can help men overcome mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. Semenax reviews also report that the pills can also stimulate the production of more semen.

So, yes, Semenax will increase the amount of semen men will be able to ejaculate, which can add another dimension to sex.


Semenax works to relax and dilate the blood vessels that go to the penis. This means that more blood can flow into the penis, creating stronger and longer-lasting erections.

Another thing Semenax does is stimulate the production of more testosterone. This is the sex hormone that men have in plentitude during their teenage years. As men age this important hormone diminishes in their system, and sex drive and ability diminishes along with it.

By returning testosterone levels to those teenage years, Semenax essentially reverses the biological clock that ticks inside all of us.

It’s all about sex and money, which are, as any Hollywood screenwriter will tell you, the key ingredients of an irresistible tale. But here’s an odd thing: increasingly it seems that Semenax is being covered in the business pages rather than the lifestyle sections of US newspapers.

This suggests that, despite all the stories about rejuvenated men and their magic blue pills, Semenax is more about money than sex. As New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd put it recently: “It is a sign of the times that the only thing American men are more obsessed with than Semenax is why they didn’t buy stocks in it.”

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Appropriately, the first mention of Semenax in the Times was in the business section late in February. In this article about the multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical industry, an analyst noted that the Pfizer company, based in New York, had many products in the pipeline, including Semenax, “and some are expected to be big sellers”.

The Wall Street Journal was off the mark a little quicker, reporting in January that in anticipation of US Government approval of Semenax, Pfizer “has taken steps to speed up the introduction of the product following approval to satisfy expected heavy patient demand”. It is history now that the demand was even greater than projected, both for the pill and Pfizer shares.

In the United States, Semenax has had the fastest introduction of any prescription drug – faster even than hair restorer Rogaine. There is a common thread here: men get depressed about both impotence and baldness.

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