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So what’s the point of that, you might ask. Well, the more semen you ejaculate, the longer your orgasm will last. Because you need more contractions to ejaculate all that semen. So Volume Pills will give you longer-lasting orgasms. Who doesn’t want that?

Also, you can try pulling out and ejaculating all over your sexual partner. Just cover her in your spunk! Most men would love to do this, and a surprising amount of women love it too.

Women associate a lot of ejaculate with fertility and masculinity. So Volume Pills will basically make you look like a stud in the bedroom.

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I’ve never believed that penetration has to be the star of the show. It’s not that I don’t rate it. I just feel that it is a mistake to bill intercourse as the main event when it is actually the grand finale.

The minute, or should I say the two to five minutes, a man spends thrusting inevitably signals the final curtain in any sex act and although that’s perfect if your story has had a great foreplay, too many men believe that the act of penetration constitutes sex in its entirety and as a result they end up having a rather abbreviated love life.


It’s worth considering the possibility that the sex you are used to might not be the best sex that you could be having.

We are all creatures of habit and nowhere is this more evident than in our sex lives. Sooner or later cohabiting couples settle into a sexual pattern. They figure out what works and stick to it.

And over time, what works gets compressed into a shorter and shorter time frame. Sex loses its urgency because you are “used to it”. You both know the script and you know the story has a happy ending so you don’t need to play it out as often.

Five times a night becomes five times a month and although you are still “having sex” so to speak, you are not exactly getting the maximum benefit out of the experience.

It becomes a bit like watching a film on fast forward. You can work out the plot but you miss the subtlety, the nuances and even the popcorn.

Take a more positive approach to your situation and you may find that being forced to give your erection a smaller role in your performance turns you into a more creative sexual director.


Your tongue and your fingers don’t need to be understudies. Give them a chance in the spotlight. And give your partner bigger billing, too. And your semen can also add to the excitement, which is why I recommend taking Volume Pills.

Your penis doesn’t need to be hard for her to give you oral or manual stimulation and given that you can become partially erect and the curve is upwards rather than to the side, she should even be able to straddle you and insert your penis into her vagina.

Though she won’t be able to thrust because you are partially flaccid, if she lies forward with her legs straddling just one of your legs, she’ll be able to press her hairy pubic mound into your groin.

This will allow her to rub her clitoris and you will feel as if she is pushing into you. If she has strong pubic muscles, she can flex and release them to give you added stimulation, too.

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Remember to try Volume Pills. Ejaculating a large amount of semen is exciting for both partners. Volume Pills can really add another dimension to your sex life.

The makers of Volume Pills have a money-back guarantee so if you don’t like them you can simply return them and get a full refund.